Pros and Cons Of Thermoelectric Coolers

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Some wine collectors prefer to use thermoelectric wine coolers, either because they are fans of thermoelectric technology or because they don’t need much space to store their wine.

Thermoelectric wine coolers are just as important as their compressor-run counterparts, and each of them has its unique capabilities. Most people admire thermoelectric wine coolers because of their ability to not make much noise when using them. They also have their downsides, so you should continue reading to find out.

What Is a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler?

A thermoelectric wine cooler is a type of wine cooler that uses thermoelectric technology to cool different varieties of wine. They are usually known to have fewer moving parts, unlike the compressor-run, thus making less noise. But they can only accept small quantities of wine, unlike compressor-based wine coolers.

Pros of a thermoelectric wine cooler

Below are some of the things that make thermoelectric wine coolers to be different from other types of wine coolers:


Many people who use thermoelectric wine coolers have reviewed that they didn’t take it for maintenance for more than two years. This is because thermoelectric wine coolers usually have fewer moving parts, which means fewer body parts to maintain.

Very silent:

If you have been around a compressor-based wine cooler, you can see that it makes a lot of noise from the fans, the belt, and other things always moving in the wine cooler. You can keep a thermoelectric wine cooler in your room without concern about waking up to the sound of your refrigerator.

Energy efficient

Another advantage of getting a thermoelectric wine cooler is that they are energy efficient and use a more efficient method of cooling wine.

Minimal vibration:

Those who have not been at a close range with a thermoelectric wine cooler have fewer vibrations than the compressor-based wine cooler. You have to note that vibrations can cause the wine sediments to create some chemical reaction that may affect the wine.

Cons of thermoelectric wine coolers

Every appliance model has where they excel, and their downsides and a thermoelectric wine cooler are not left out.

They run constantly:

While they are energy efficient, because they are constantly running, the electrical cost at the end of the year might be a bit higher than the compressor-run wine cooler. You can curb this by removing them from the power source if you feel you are done cooling a wine you want to use.

  • They can’t adapt to different environments.
  • They need very good airflow to run.
  • They are not very powerful in their operations.


Every appliance has its advantages and downsides, and despite the numerous advantages they have, thermoelectric wine coolers have some dents to their features. While they may be silent on their operations, they can’t take in large quantities of wine compared to compressor-run wine coolers.